PICCOLO Wood Stoves

PICCOLO Wood Stoves

This type of wood stove can be used for heating residential as well as recreational buildings. Thanks to its rapid heating ability and the size of its firebox it is also very popular in workshops, warehouses and other industrial areas. This is a double-walled convection wood stove, where cold air is drawn in at the bottom of the wood stove into the area between the wall of the firebox and the outer wall of the stove. Here it is heated by the air current and rises upwards. This results in natural air circulation meaning that the stove can heat multiple rooms. Heat is more evenly distributed and, as a rule, the outer surface of the stove does not reach the high temperatures present on radiant stoves. In places where the wood stove does not have a second wall, for example at the glass, radiant heat is produced.

Piccolo I

Piccolo I - model with tubesPiccolo I - model with tubes

Piccolo II

Piccolo II - model with pedestalPiccolo II - model with pedestal

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Why choose Masterflame?

Intelligent highly-efficient delivery of air into  the firebox.

Rapid heat transfer and circulation thanks to the tubular design.

The materials and  technologies used are of the highest quality.

Made in Broumov, Czech Republic

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