Accessibility statement

This web presentation (hereafter "presentation, website") has been published in accordance with Czech Web accessibility guidelines. Exceptions to this methodology are provided in an Inaccessible part of this website.

If you come across a problematic page, please inform our technical administrator and we will try to resolve the problem.

Inaccessible parts of the website

  • Without JavaScript the links Send to email and Print will not function, nevertheless it is possible to print using the web browser menu File ⇒ Print (or Ctrl+P).

Information about other standards

  • The source code of the presentation conforms to the XHTML 1.0 Strict norm issued by the W3C consortium.
  • The visual presentation is create with the help of cascade style sheets (CSS). By taking advantage of the most modern features of CSS 3, i.e. so-called vendor prefixes, which present the designation of safe methodology for the preliminary implementation of new CSS features, the compatibility of the cascade style sheets is not guaranteed. The use of vendor prefixes is entirely reverse compatible and does not cause an incorrect display of the presentation.

About navigating between the pages

At the beginning of each page there is a link "Skip to main content", "Skip to additional content", a link to the homepage in the form of a logo and futhermore the main navigation menu and search.

Keyboard shortcuts (on an alphanumeric keyboard)

Key 1
Skip to the main content of the page.
Key 2
Skip to the additional content.
Key 3
Skip to the beginning of the page.

Note: For example in Internet Explorer and Safari it is possible to skip to the main content by pressing the keys Alt+1. In Mozilla Firefox it is Alt+Shift+1. In Opera it is possible to open up the menu with the key combination Shift+Esc, and then press the given key, e.g. 1.

External links and new windows

Links that lead outside of this presentation are marked with the (externí odkaz) icon and links that open a new window are marked with the (nové okno) icon.

If the user does not have JavaScript activated, the respective icons are replaced with a picture on the background. If the user does not have JavaScript or pictures (or cascade style sheets), then no icons will be shown.

Personalised browsing options

The presentation is available in only a single (standard) style, however some browsers support the deactivation/personalisation of styles at various levels.

  • Mozilla Firefox supports the deactivation of styles and user styles.
  • Opera supports advanced handling of styles including dozens of configurable templates.

Technical administrator contact

In the event of an emergency, you can send a message to our technical administrator to the email address .

Contact us

HS Flamingo s.r.o.
třída Osvobození 65
550 01 Broumov
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 491 615 680

Why choose Masterflame?

Intelligent highly-efficient delivery of air into  the firebox.

Rapid heat transfer and circulation thanks to the tubular design.

The materials and  technologies used are of the highest quality.

Made in Broumov, Czech Republic

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